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PENOEL N°1*****A NEW  ERA![NEW] An exceptional aromatic synergy! "PENOEL number 1"  : get the whole expertise of Daniel PENOE's aromatic brain in just one bottle !



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What do you get when you purchase PENOEL N°1?- 1 unique synergy in 10 ml- 1 video in English "the making of" of the creation with Daniel PENOEL" . A 45' video- 1  flyer on how to use this unique blend. ________

PENOEL  N°1 *****- To reveal your inner power- To become fully yourself with authenticity- To catalyze your protective life force- To reconnect with your origins to widen your strength in the future- To access the magic of your inner power________

A unique synergy to use for yourself  and for your clients, during your coaching sessions; or with your distributors during group meetings

What is special about this synergy?VIDEO EXCERPT  OF THE SYNERGY PENOEL 1  


How was this synergy created?Which aromatic algorithm has been optimized?Why did Daniel PENOEL choose this specific lavender essential oil instead of this other lavender?How were the respective proportions chosen?

For the 1st time Daniel PENOEL will open the backstage of the creation of his synergy.Dive into the 45-minute backstage video to FEEL & LIVE the aromatic experience.

Secure your seat and enjoy the journey with  Daniel PENOEL & his daugther Magali PENOEL who will take you through the creation of this synergy step by step.

You will follow their journey starting with the French "magic Juniperus Valley" before ending in front of dozens of essential oils in Daniel PENOEL's lab to finally end up witnessing the final version of the  blend : PENOEL N°1One your have purchased "PENOEL 1" you will receive in your parcel :

- 1 PENOEL N° 1 blend 

- 1 explanatory flyer

- 1 Set of Videos *

*You will be be granted access to the on-line video thanks to a COUPON that appears on your flyer.


Ingredients: Scots pine, cypress, juniper berries and twigs, Rosemary with geraniol, Breu Branco, Bracteiferous helichrysum, Moroccan myrtle, Negev marjoram, luiseri lavender, Rhododendron, Thyme mastichina, Ravensare, Giant Fir, Mandarin petitgrain...


Latin name :

 Juniperus communis 100% baies Cupressus sempervirens Pinus sylvestris Artemisia dracunculus Helichrysum bracteiferum Helichrysum faradifani Bursera linaloe fructus Canarium luzonicum Protium heptaphyllum Thymus mastichina (cineolifera), Lavandula luisieri Rosmarinus officinalis à géraniol Ravensara aromatica Myrtus communis Laurus nobilis Abies alba Picea excelsa CItrus reticulata (feuilles) Agonis fragrans Kunzea ambigua Rhododendron anthopogon Origanum Dayi

_________________________- Category: home fragrance- Classic use: breathing with 2 or 3 drops on a handkerchief or in a stick- Specific use developed by Daniel PENOEL: detail in the video

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Greece Greece

Simply unique!!!

This is one of the few times that I apply such a complex and multidimensional essential oils blend on myself... My experience on a physical, mental and emotional level was so intense, that even today, after almost two months after the application of the blend, I can still distinguish different aspects and levels inside of me that have changed positively. I've been an introvert since early childhood and did not express myself easily. As I was growing up, there was big improvement on my expression. This blend presented an opportunity for me, and I decided to make the statement that I will work to evolve on all levels, so that I would realize my greatest passion and life-dream: to make Aromamythics known to the world. The first days were very pleasant. I had a heightened feeling of smell and taste in all the things that I came in contact with, as if I was tasting or smelling them for the first time! I was viewing things with a new, different way, as if the light hit my eyes for the first time. I was sleeping and resting deeply! But after the first 12 days, the energy changed. All the introversion and darkness I had suffered during my childhood, resurfaced.... 33 years of internal conflict and battles (thoughts, phobias, guilt, convictions) were incorporated in a few days... It was then that my throat started hurting, right bellow Adam's apple. A sore throat so different, that even when stretching or moving my neck, the intensity of the pain was unbearable. I did a few applications with essential oils to relieve the throat and neck, so that my body could manage this intense pain and tension. But true to my goal, I continued the protocol. I soon realized that after each application, the symptoms subsided for a few minutes and then came back, sometimes more intensely. Then, I understood that there's a huge expression here: myself, i.e. the totality of this person with this name, that has come to this world with a goal, is now working to progress......! There's an imbalance that the blend has detected and has set all the wheels and mechanisms in motion to bring about balance again. Indeed, as the days went by, the symptoms steadily faded. Even a slight discomfort that was present in the last day, that too passed. After the application of the protocol, a small mouth-****** appeared, which I treated with Melissa essential oil. What also surfaced was a huge need for nutrition, so I got seaweed & algae nutritional supplements. Even to this day, I am still observing changes! I reminisce this experiential process and I am truly glad that Nature decided to disclose and reveal her secrets to a few selected creators and inspirators, like Dr. Penoel! In fact it is my belief that Dr. Penoel is one of the very few modern mysts, that graces us with his presence and knowledge! A truly powerful blend such as this one, can only be created by people who are humble and full of respect, and who wholeheartedly and so generously offer their creation and achievement to their fellow man. This is a unique composition of 22 essential oils! An immensely powerful tool for all of us who want to delve into ourselves and work on our wholeness (body-mind-spirit), so as to evolve into the best version of ourselves and manage not only to merge and unite with nature, nut also to join forces and cooperate with our fellow human beings, in the most positive way! For all those who consider applying this blend, I have to say this: Accept the challenge! This is a truly blessed blend! I truly hope we get more chances like this one, with new blends by Dr. Penoel!



Thank you so much for this beautiful feedback !

Marianne D.
United States United States


Hello, I have not received this product yet. Once it arrives and I have time to work with it, I’ll let you know my experience. With gratitude, Marianne Drnniston

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